Class Three

Class Teacher: Mrs Iannotti

Support Staff: Miss Park and Mrs Gunnell

Our Voyagers class is a mixed aged class made up of children in Year 4 and Year 5. The learning in Voyagers class builds on prior teaching and learning and children are given many opportunities for retrieval practice.

Further information about our long term curriculum design and our approach to teaching different subjects can be found on the ‘Our Curriculum’ page of our website.

Historic Curriculum Newsletters and Reviews by Term (2022-2023):

A new Curriculum Newsletter will be produced each term followed by a curriculum review at the end of each term.

Statutory Assessment in Year 4

Children in Year 4 will take part in the first statutory assessment point in KS2 which will assess their knowledge of times tables. Below you will find some information about the Multiplication Tables Check from 2022 and how you can further support your child with learning their tables at home. (These documents will be updated accordingly in accordance with new information about the check for 2023.)

If you have any questions about the Multiplication tables check, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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— St Teresa of Avila